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In May 1998 I visited, for the first time, De Delftse Pauw, a pottery art factory, located in Delft, The Netherlands. This is one of the two official factories in the Netherlands which produces the famous Delft Blue pottery, known all over the world. You might be surprised to know that there is also coloured Delftware and even black. I was told though, that the black line was discontinued many years ago.However, I have seen some of the black Delftware and it is extremely beautiful. Our guide took us through all the manufactural stages of how this Delft pottery is produced.
All pieces are completely handpainted.The typical colours are achieved by chemical reaction. The artists have to know precicely what they are doing to get the effect they are seeking. 
The decorations are still the same beautiful traditional designs as were used in the past .I bought two small vases for myself. The vases have the same design painted on them, except one is Delft blue and the other Coloured Delft.

Our guide

Here you can see our very pleasant and knowledgeable guide explaining to us what the slush looks like of which the pottery is made , the functioning of the kilns and how the pottery is baked,using the original molds.

The Delftse Pauw is one of the very few places left which produces original Delft pottery in the old fatherland tradition. On each piece you can find a handpainted seal which proves that this piece is an original Delft Blauw pottery. There are many imitators and most of the "Delft" pottery you see in the souvenir shops is mass produced for the tourist trade. Even in Delft you can find artists who have their own shop and do handpaint "Delft" pieces. I bought a piece in such a shop from a Yugoslav artist who came to The Netherlands 6 years ago and who used to work at one of the official factories to learn the trade. He also uses his own designs and handpainted seal, but this pottery is not considered to be original Delft Blue pottery, even though it was produced in Delft.On the right you can see him wrapping the pillbox that I bought from him. He used to be a sculptor and did restaurations in churches in his own country.

The seals that are painted on the bottom of the pottery from the official factories are legally registered trademarks , registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Delft. 
On the left you can see the four trademarks of the Delftse Pauw factory. The Delftse Pauw factory has a webside.
If you like to know more about them, please click here

Their e-mail address is : info@delftsepauw.com 

Incidentally, the city of Delft is an very quaint and charming place to visit. It is a University town and I am sure the students who have the pleasure of studying there will have a wonderful time. Delft has many old Dutch houses with beautiful facades. My father studied architecture there many years ago, at the Delft University of Technology.

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The Delft City Hall

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